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Treatment Is Always Patient Specified Resulting In A Productive Outcome

Speech and Language Therapy

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Caryn Gluick, M.A., CCC-SLP

Treatment is always patient specified resulting in a productive outcome.

​Speech-Voice-Language Therapy Speech therapy is an art of shaping, redefining and targeting specific goals. A multimodality approach is used for each individual as each patient’s needs are not the same. Even when the goal is the same, treatment is always patient specified resulting in a productive outcome.

Speech Therapists help children and adults in all areas of communication. This includes working with toddlers, school aged, and adolescent children, and adults with a wide variety of speech and language delays and disorders.

Caryn Gluick, M.A., CCC-SLP

What our patients say


My son has been with Caryn for a few years and has made tremendous gains with her! Ms. Gluck is a caring, knowledge, professional. She is able to work with my son on his most difficult days. I recommend her to everyone!


Caring, knowledgeable and effective.


Caryn is extremely helpful and caring. She has helped my son with is speech issues and I have seen serious improvement since we started. Thank you Caryn!

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