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Language Disorders

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Language Disorders

Symptoms of receptive language disorder:
There are no standard sets of symptoms that indicates receptive language disorder, since it varies from one child to the next. However, symptoms may include:

  • Not seeming to listen when they are spoken to.
  • Appearing to lack interest when storybooks are read to them.
  • Inability to understand a complicated sentence.
  • Inability to follow verbal instructions.
  • Parroting words or phrases of things that are said to them.
  • Language skills below expected level for a child their age.

Receptive Language
Receptive language disorder means a child has difficulties understanding what is said to them. Another name for receptive language disorder is language comprehension deficit. In most cases, the child also has an expressive language disorder which means they have trouble using spoken language. At Suffolk Language Therapy we assess both expressive and receptive language and treat it accordingly to individual needs.

Treatment is always patient specified
resulting in a productive outcome.

We provide you with professional speech therapy services by our experienced staff.

Your state is very important for us. We use individual approach and treat each our patient respectfully

Our staff is very professional and responsive. We love our work and will provide you with a high-quality services and treatment.

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