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Articulation and Phonological Disorders

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Articulation and Phonological Disorders

Articulation disorder presents with errors of specific age-expected speech sounds. Sounds can be distorted, deleted or added (e.g. yes may be pronounced yeth if the child has problems articulation the sound /s/). The underlying cause of an articulation disorder is in the motor movements required for accurate sound production.

Phonological disorders are patterns of error of sound in a child’s speech and language repertoire. The underlying difficulty relates to the rules of the language that govern the sound system. Problems with sound combinations and syllable shapes, and or difficulties in pronouncing plural or past tense markers.

Example of possible patterns of error a child with Phonological Process disorder may display:

Weak Syllable Deletion > “Puter” for “Computer”
Final Consonant Deletion > “Daw” for “Dog”
Reduplication > “Buhbuh” for “Bubbles”
Cluster Reduction > “Top” for “Stop”
Stopping > “Tee” for “Three”, “Do” for “Zoo”, “Two” for “Shoe”
Fronting > “Tat” for “Cat”
Gliding > “Wing” for “Ring”
Backing > “Hop” for “Top”

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