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Fluency, Stuttering and Cluttering

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Fluency, Stuttering and Cluttering

Fluency describes the prosody or flow of how communicative words, phrases and sentences are joined together. Fluency is described as speech with a flow. Any disruption in communicative flow can be a result of stuttering or cluttering. Each diagnosis follows a specific set of goals. An evaluation will assess the diagnosis and the treatment which follows. All is patient specific for each patient is unique in why the disruption of fluency is occurring. A Fluency disorder can represent cluttering, stuttering and dysfluency of different origins. These disorders are heard as breaks in the fluidity of speech.

Treatment is always patient specified
resulting in a productive outcome.

We provide you with professional speech therapy services by our experienced staff.

Your state is very important for us. We use individual approach and treat each our patient respectfully

Our staff is very professional and responsive. We love our work and will provide you with a high-quality services and treatment.

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