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Apraxia of Speech

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Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia can become evident with certain speech characteristics. One of the most notable symptoms is difficulty putting sounds and syllables together in the correct order to form words.

  • Inconsistent mistakes
  • Groping for the right sound or word
  • Varying rhythms of speech

People with acquired apraxia of speech recover some or all of their speech abilities. Children with developmental apraxia of speech will not outgrow the problem on their own. Speech therapy is helpful for these children and for people with acquired apraxia of speech.

Treatment is always patient specified
resulting in a productive outcome.

We provide you with professional speech therapy services by our experienced staff.

Your state is very important for us. We use individual approach and treat each our patient respectfully

Our staff is very professional and responsive. We love our work and will provide you with a high-quality services and treatment.

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